dangerous compassions

I call you / from the comet's cradle

Monday, July 31, 2017

what's a heart for, but to break?

In my dream, Ming got more chocolate gelato instead of lavender for me.  "Dream fail!" I told him.

I saw that a little girl aged 8 climbed Kilimanjaro and my first thought was, "Some people have way too much money."  Is that fair?  I asked Ming, "How much money do you think it takes to get your kid up Kilimanjaro?"  We think it would take a lot.

I was reading how "clean eating" is giving people eating disorders and thinking how people are going to get eating disorders for whatever reason anyway.  Ming asked me to send him the article.

I wrote a poem yesterday about some Fresno chiles and the friend I would like to give the chiles to.  I've been thinking about Jahaddhatri, gravity, John Dobson, and forces.  Oh and that guy who accidentally worshiped Shiva.

I burned the tip of my right index finger this morning making breakfast.  Ming was craving grilled cheese.  I keep looking at the stingy red oval.


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