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Tuesday, August 01, 2017

don't believe everything you think

In my dream, girls were living in community and there was some performance they had to do.  Someone was accused of sexual predation, and a decision was made not to talk about it.  Then things got more and more violent.  Big guns for little girls.  It was a nightmare, but it didn't keep coming back through the night like some of my bad dreams do.

What did I want to blog about?  Distracted by a dream.  This morning we did yoga and felt so good.  Then we went to a cafe Ming likes a lot for breakfast.  It was good.  We sat for a long time.  I txted with my friend.

"One Love" came on, which I appreciated.  Later was "Don't Worry, Be Happy" which I hadn't heard in a long time.

I looked up my old bassoon teacher and found out he died last year.  He was 94.  RIP Dr Lee.  I thought he might have been at the Obon festival, and Ming says maybe he was.

Last night as Ming and I lay in bed we talked about where Dad is.  I have lots of thoughts about it.  I think we live with God, who is pure love, and then get sent to Earth for life, and then go back to God.

Ming thinks God is boring and safe, but I said he doesn't understand love if he thinks love is boring.

Well, we talked about it a while.  No conclusions, but it was interesting to see what I think.  I didn't know I thought that stuff.


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