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Wednesday, August 02, 2017

my first vigil at Vandenberg

I've been doing this for a long time.  Twelve years.  I try to keep it upbeat.  I give people a false impression of my life that it's easy.  Well, my life is easy, now, compared to others.

I'm at Starbux while M does yoga and I'm pondering last night's peace vigil at Vandenberg  Air Force Base.  We arrived just before midnight, and our friends were already there, holding a banner.  They had brought signs for us.

Some Japanese journalists were there--a camera man and a thin man in a black suit.  The camera man spoke English without an accent and interviewed our friend D, who was articulate.  I felt good about it.

The missile was scheduled to launch at 12:01, or between 12:01 and 3.  That was the window.  We didn't see it.  But I saw it in my dream--in my dream, it exploded soon after launch.  In real life, I guess everything went normally.  It launched at 2:10.

This morning Ming was saying how our government said about North Korea that of course we had to respond with a show of force after theirs.  Ming asked, "Are there really so few of us who disagree with them?"

"There were four of us," I said.

I had avoided vigils at Vandenberg because my family members have worked there.  It was too close to home.  Last night I finally womaned up.


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