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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

peace walk day...three

Last night we slept out in the middle of the desert.  We camped by the side of the freeway, and it was fun.  This morning we had a sunrise ceremony led by a Native American spiritual person.  Ming and I were late.  Then we had a hug around.  It was good to hug everybody present.  Everyone's nice.  There were some good hugs.

Now we're at the goddess temple, and I'm using Ming's computer, and I'm having connectivity issues.  I'm typing this into a text editor and we'll paste it into blogger once we have good internet.  I'm eating some everything crackers.  Other people are unloading a truck.  Somehow if I'm using a computer I can get out of unloading the truck?

This morning I talked to my friend R who lives in Pittsburgh.  I called her from my tent after breakfast while Ming was helping repair someone's foot.  She told me knowledge isn't power because she understands her situation fully but can't fix it.

How many of these crackers can I get away with eating?

This morning we walked very little, compared to other days--just a few miles.  I want to say two miles, but I tend to underestimate mileage, so maybe more like three.  Three and a half?

I was getting into the tent and there was a twig where my hand went, and the twig had thorns on it, so I got a poke, which bled, and my pharmacy called, and I hate their guts, so I started crying.

Peace Walks you gotta take the good with the bad!  It's the joy and the pain.  It's very real.


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