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Thursday, May 08, 2014

so thank you

This morning we opened our front door to go outside, to go to our community garden plot and do some work, and there outside our door was a box!  It was a package.  We got presents from our friend L in LA: a small birdhouse, some chocolate money, and an elephant windchime, all in a pretty basket.  All are beautiful. And a card and letters too.  It's wonderful to get such blessings from friends.  So thank you.  I ate half the chocolate money, which is delicious, wrapped in red and gold foil.

Then we did work at our garden plot.  Someone gave us some fennel.  I ate a bite raw, and its texture reminded me of celery, which I detest.  But the flavor was interesting. 

Then we went to Safeway for plastic floss and some foods.  We bought batteries for our camera too.  They were locked up--I guess there's a lot of battery theft.  I sense a joke there--assault of batteries?  Lock up batterers, not batteries?  It reminded me of a grocery store we go to in Las Vegas where lots of things are locked up, including feminine hygiene products.  It seems sad.  Sad that people are poor and driven to theft.

I gotta think of something happy to say to wrap this up!  Oh, here's one of the happiest songs ever.


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