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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

bad day

Yesterday was bad.  I failed at yesterday.  In the morning, Ming and I argued.  It started out about a hurtful comment but turned into an argument about more than that.

Then we found out something weird was going on with our car.  The mechanic had taken it to a different mechanic, and now there was a leak.  So the mechanic needed to take our car back to the other mechanic.  Meanwhile, we're $380 lighter.

Then we were driving to Trader Joe's in the late afternoon in our Echo despite its strange leak and almost got into an accident.  I was spacing out then looked up and Ming was about to rear end somebody.  It scared the shit outta me.  I yelled.

Then in Trader Joe's, it was hella crowded and I got bumped twice, in line, my pet peeve.  Our checker was talking to the couple in front of us in so much depth he sounded like their marriage counselor, not their checker.  I couldn't handle it and left Ming to pay.

All this tired me out so badly I went to bed at something like 6 in the evening.  And then I was in bed until something like 7:20am.  Fitful dreams and a nightmare about a killer who was sometimes me.


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