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Thursday, March 16, 2017


"Duct tape is passe."
"What if it leaves nasty residue?"
"That's why you need Gorilla tape."

We are thinking about how to put up banners at the library tonight.  Tape them to tables?  R was talking about a banner stand.  We'd have to construct something.  I don't think Ming and I are costructors.

So tonight's the film screening.  I'm stoked for it.  I'm handling snax.  Ming's handling money.  I will help.

Our houseguest friends W and S are here.  Last night we all went to pupusas with R.  It was fun.

Afterward they went to a show, a friend's show.  I didn't go because I need so much sleep.  Our friend was having problems with her guitar and cried on stage.  I feel sorry.  R helped her.

Next up is a peace vigil at the federal building.  I look forward to it and holding my sign.


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