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Thursday, April 13, 2017

a blur

Right now the Walkers are having a foot washing ceremony in the tunnels by the test site.  Then they'll cross the line.  Then they'll have lunch.  Well, some people will leave before lunch.  Then they'll have a closing circle.

Then some people will go home but some people will stay here.  King Ron will make a dinner.  I need to buy ingredients.  And remind King Ron that he's cooking.

So this afternoon there will be people here again.  But tomorrow morning we blow town.

Yesterday after my doctor's appointment I rested a lot and slept.  It's kind of a blur.  This whole week is.

Well, I remember some moments.  Mostly when I got closer and closer to a panic attack and was nearing the end of my rope.  I thought of phoning a friend or relative but could never decide who.  Then it mostly passed.


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