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Friday, March 29, 2013

peace walk day five

note: This is a post I wrote yesterday and couldn't send because the internet at the Goddess Temple was down.
This morning we walked for peace.  We walked seven miles.  We got really tired, though.  The desert is an amazing place, with its serene mountains, huge expanses, the light, the quiet.  The sounds of our footsteps, the sounds of the traffic as it passes, our breath.  The conservation we share.  Ming and I sang sacred songs.  Today was the last full day of walking--tomorrow we do Stations of the Cross and walk a very short distance to the Nevada Test Site where some of us will cross the line and get arrested.  

So that's the haps!  Seven miles today.  Ming is working on a salad.  My legs hurt and my feet hurt.  But I showered.  It feels good to be clean.  

I forgot to tell you someone gave me a scarf she knitted.  It's beautiful.  "You can always use another scarf," she said.  She told me I'm an inspiration, and I couldn't figure out how... 

I'm sunburnt and filled with feelings.


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