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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Davis, four bowls

Today we went to Davis. We went to farmers market and looked at all the beautiful stuff. Then we went to the arboretum and sat in the redwood grove for a while--I worked on a letter. Then we went to Borders so I could look at their cards and Erik looked at the poetry*, but we didn't buy anything.

Then we went to the Davis co-op where I bought some wonderful foods: cherries, raspberries, plain soy yogurt, peanut butter that doesn't need to be stirred, and most especially some Terra Nostra ricemilk chocolate that tastes so so so so good. It tastes like an Easter bunny.

Then we came home for dal and went out again to a thrift store for bowls. I might go to a party tonight, and I want to bring those raspberries, and I always lose my bowls, so I thought I'd buy some thrift store bowls that I don't mind losing. I found four, and one of them I really like and might keep. It's an orangey red and has a chunky shape. Three of the bowls were 67 cents and one was 97.

* Robert Hass has a book out The Apple Trees at Olema which is new and selected poems. It's hardback and $35.

Friday, July 30, 2010


This morning Erik and I went to breakfast with a friend I hadn't seen in 12 years. She and I went to college together. We went to Fox & Goose and had a good conversation. The three of us all are ex-teachers who now work in testing. And all three poets too.

Then we went to our friend P's apartment to drop off some stuff for him but he sat us down and had a strange talk with us.

Other highlights of the day were a trip to our favorite park and a nap. I got some good mail in the mail, three letters. Basically I'm ready for this day to be over and to start a new day.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

enchanted pool

Here's one of the enchanted pools.


Aren't these the most beautiful galls you've ever seen?

purple flowers

Here are some purple flowers. All these photos are from Erik's hiking trip he went on yesterday with his friend P.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

call for submissions to bra zine

This is a call for submissions for a zine about bras that my friend Elizabeth is putting together. I wrote something for it and hope you will too.


I want to put together a zine all about bras. I was writing a piece
about bras for a zine I was working on about clothes and I just
thought...I wonder what other peoples' stories and thoughts about bras
are...I'd like to put a zine together about that.

Possible things to write about:
-first bra, favourite bra, why you love/hate bras
-bra washing tips, bra fashion tips
-historial facts/essays about bras
-where you buy bras and why
-dealing with having an odd bra size
-to wear a bra, or not to wear a bra?
-any interesting personal story relating to bras, bra shopping
-have you ever been professionally fitted for a bra?
-if you're a male, what do you think about bras?

Please send submissions/questions to: petitspoissons AT gmail.com and put BRA ZINE in the subject line.
No fixed deadline...as soon as I have enough material I will print the zine.


My printer and my computer don't seem to have much of a relationship right now. I will try restarting one more time.

edit to add: It worked!

wikipedia disappointment

I can't find a wikipedia article for one of my favorite bands, Best Friends Forever.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

new music

Today Erik is hiking with our friend P. It's not supposed to get too hot. I went out for a walk, but there's construction on the big road where I walk from home. I will try again this evening.

I've been taking care of some emails, cleaning my desk, listening to music. Yesterday I listened to three new-to-me CDs by Guided by Voices, I'm From Barcelona, and Sun Kil Moon. None of them really moved me, but I got through all three of them. Sun Kil Moon reminded me of Neil Young. Probably everyone says that. I'm From Barcelona had a funny song about not wanting to wear glasses. But if I want funny, there are funnier I can go to.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Life Without a Cow

library frustration

At the library I got upset with a librarian who wouldn't help me find a book. I knew it was about a professor going back to school to find out what freshman year is like nowadays, and I searched and searched on the catalog computer. Erik told me to ask for help, and I did. The worker was a jerk--she said that without a title or author, she couldn't help me. I went back to my catalog computer and figured out myself how to use the advanced search and found it in two minutes by searching titles for the words "my first year" and then for "freshman." I couldn't believe the unwillingness and / or ineptitude. I wanted to ask, "Are you a librarian?" I'm pretty sure she was. Anyway, I got the book.

But then I was looking for another book--the catalog computer said it was there, but I couldn't find it on the shelf. I asked a different librarian for help (this was on a different floor) and he couldn't find it either. He said he could request it from a different branch, but the whole reason I wanted to go to Central was because the computer said it was there.

I was so mad about the first librarian that I thought about writing a letter. After I found the listing for the book I went to tell her how I'd found it, to try to help her see that what she considered impossible is possible, and she didn't care. She said, "Congratulations," like I was developmentally disabled and smiled a wicked smile. Boy did I hate her guts.

Food Not Bombs, The Kids of Widney High

Yesterday we were busy. We ran errands and went to the park in the morning. Then I wanted to check out Food Not Bombs in Cesar Chavez park in the afternoon, but we got there late and all the food was gone and I was too shy to offer to help clean up. We went to the library and then went to see our friend P. We spent a couple hours at his place just talking and listening to music. Then we came home for dinner and went out again in the evening to see a movie at the Guild theater called The Kids of Widney High. It's about a rock band, low budget and very good. We loved it. My favorite song was "Life Without a Cow."

Sunday, July 25, 2010

organic cherries

Couldn't find any organic cherries at the farmers market (cherries are on the high pesticide list), so I bought some at the co-op. Yep, spent ten bucks on cherries! They're kind of my favorite food.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

google doodles

Hey, I didn't know you can see past google special days.


weird candy

I got some vegan candy at Trader Joe's called Dark Chocolate Mint UFOs. They're so minty I could barely eat them. So minty they're like menthol. Weird! Another odd thing about them is how on the package they're referred to as spheres when they're actually disks (disks like UFOs). Who the hell doesn't know what a sphere is?


This morning we went to our favorite park where I walked then wrote a good letter. When we came home, we made red lentil dal. It turned out as delicious as ever. I put even more cayenne pepper in than last time, and it's brilliant that way.

Right now Erik's making mujadara for the second time--first time, a month ago, he burned it. This time he will keep the heat lower. It calls for an awful lot of olive oil.

We're listening to Pictures at an Exhibition, one of my favorite piano pieces when played by Sviatislav Richter.

Today I read Embroideries by the woman who did Persepolis. I don't know how I feel about it, but it went quickly. This afternoon I started Fraud by David Rakoff after enjoying his Don't Get Too Comfortable.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

mango & yogurt

I have a new favorite snack--it's mango cut up with plain soy yogurt mixed in. It's so refreshing too, for summer.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

new music, new recipes

Today we got in the mail a cookbook we really wanted that the library doesn't have--it's Classic Vegetarian Cooking from the Middle East and North Africa. It's done by the same guy who did From the Lands of Figs and Olives, which we love.

Also, today we got in the mail the new Innocence Mission CD My Room in the Trees. It sounds really good first listen.

Today we went to Music at Noon and heard some fantastic Haydn, Kodaly, and Mozart. It was thrilling. Then we went for a walk at our favorite park.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Today we spent in Berkeley. I wrote three letters there, and we saw some interesting animal behavior, like a cow (at Little Farm) sticking its tongue in its own nostrils, a bird jumping up to a flower over and over again, a crawdad pulling moss under a rock, and two big striped dragonflies mating.

For dinner we went to Flacos for vegan Mexican. I had a tamale, and Erik had mole tacos. Our food was really good but a little expensive. We don't know if we'll go back. We sat looking out the window, and I saw a fight (the way the window was, Erik couldn't see it). The violence bothered me. Some medical people--doctors or nurses-- were sitting behind us. I didn't like them.

But at Elmwood Stationers I bought a bunch of beautiful birthday cards and two nice pens. We saw gorgeous plants at the Tilden Park Botanic Garden--Humboldt lilies and Matilija poppies are in bloom.

Monday, July 19, 2010

mundane facts

One wall of our living room is covered in bookshelves. We've got a project of going through one shelf per day looking for books to get rid of and dusting. One shelf a day probably sounds like nothing, but we tried doing two the other day and got overwhelmed.

We went to farmers market yesterday looking for tomatoes and got a ton of tomatoes in addition to organic peaches and cherries, and onions. We go through a lot of onions around here. The farmers market was packed, all different kinds of people, and there was a band too. Usually we go earlier when there are less people.

This morning we went to a park that we don't usually go to. Erik finally found some shade to sit and write in, but then a worker came to pick up trash, so he felt driven out. I was walking but got too hot. So overall, it was a park fail. We vowed never to return to Howe Park.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

lotus day

This morning we went to our favorite park so Erik could run and I could walk, but we had a hard time finding parking. Turns out there was a ton going on there--a swim meet at the pool, a mega outdoor yoga class, and at least two boot camp things. Oh, and a mini farmers market which we patronized--we bought no spray peaches and more Thai basil.

On a different outing, we went to my church and saw the lotuses in bloom. They're gorgeous. Then we stopped at Whole Foods to look for a birthday card for Erik's dad, but then we completely forgot about our entire purpose and bought bread and garlic and soy milk and didn't even look at cards. Oh, and I got some roasted unsalted almonds, which are my favorite snack.

I typed up a couple dreams and wrote a letter to Jesse Reklaw and am sending him functionally ill 6. I hope he wants to use one of my dreams for his Slow Wave comic.

best dal

Today we made the best red lentil dal in the history of our kitchen. It was our usual recipe but with plenty of salt and the addition of half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper. The cayenne pepper gives a hint of heat, just subtle. So good!

Friday, July 16, 2010

"Hat Nerd" lyrics

I couldn't find the lyrics to For Eyes' "Hat Nerd" so I decided to try transcribing them. I couldn't get a few of the words in the hat list. Please comment with any corrections. Please note that these are lyrics to the Plan-it-x comp #2 version, not the youtube version.

hat nerd
he's wearing a hat
hat nerd
he knows where his hat's at
hat nerd
he's wearing a hat
hat nerd
he knows where his hat's at
knows where his hat's at
knows where his hat's at

he knows where his hat's at
it's on his head
that's where his hat's at
it's on his head
he knows where his hat's at
it's on his head
that's where his hat's at
it's on his head

a bunny hat
a jester hat
a cowboy hat
a cat in the hat hat
a fedora
a --- hat
a centurion hat
a --- hat
a bike hat
a dunce cap

hat nerd
he's wearing a hat
hat nerd
he knows where his hat's at
hat nerd
he's wearing a hat
hat nerd
he knows where his hat's at
knows where his hat's at
knows where his hat's at

so if you see a guy with a hat on
he's probably the hat nerd
if you meet a guy with a hat on
say hello to the hat nerd
if you greet a guy with a hat on
just say hello to the hat nerd
if you're sweet on a guy with a hat on
you'll fall in love with the hat nerd

hat nerd
he's wearing a hat
hat nerd
he knows where his hat's at
hat nerd
he's wearing a hat
hat nerd
he knows where his hat's at
knows where his hat's at
knows where his hat's at

I keep forgetting to report

I got the first two Bikini Kill albums on CD for sale at the library for $2.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Today it's hot, and it's going to be hot for a few more days--up to 104, 105, 98, and then back down to something reasonable.

Today I finished reading Yotsuba&! which is manga about a happy little girl who has green hair. It's fun. I also read two zines, If Things Don't Alter They'll Stay As They Are #2 and freckledgecko 10, both acquired through trades.

I generated some mail, washed dishes twice, and generally didn't do much (Erik's working a two day job). I hope to get out tomorrow morning at least for a short walk.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

beautiful day

Yesterday we went to Wrights Lake, Dark Lake briefly, and hiked a little bit from Twin Lakes trail head. We saw so many beautiful sights. And funny sights, like people kayaking with their dogs, and when a squirrel got mad at us and chirped at us from a tree. We heard it long after we passed, so maybe it was chirping at the memory.

My favorite part was probably toward the end when Erik went swimming, my favorite part because I knew he was so happy. The picnic area was quiet--we had it mostly to ourselves. I was reading a backpacking cookbook and tearing little bookmarks from my bookmark to mark which recipes I want to try.

There was a stream with a very deep part, and a place in the stream where the little waves were prismatic and made rainbows in themselves. There was a guy on a bike, and he had his dog with him. The dog barked at us, and he said, "No!" and, "Don't start that shit." Then he rode his bike over a footbridge. There were little kids on bikes who yelled, "Passing!" as they rode by and we stood off the trail.

There were mosquitoes, and I had some natural insect repellent that I sprayed on myself from time to time, and it didn't really work. I wore sunscreen too. I sat on a rock and put my feet in the lake. My feet looked unfamiliar under the water. The water had a coating of pollen on it near the shore--at least I think it was pollen. We didn't see any fish all day.

I worry our car will break down--it has more than 275,000 miles on it. But it was fine. We ate sandwiches and plain soy yogurt, nuts and vegan graham crackers. We drove on narrow roads and never had to back up for anyone.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Here's a picture Erik took of me.


Here's a picture I took of Erik.

Wrights Lake

Today we went to Wrights Lake. Here's one of my favorite photos that Erik took.

Monday, July 12, 2010

what I'm reading

Today I finished reading Don't Get Too Comfortable. It really improved toward the end with chapters about Long Cabin Republicans, a cleansing fast, plastic surgery, and cryogenics.

I've been reading a zine of daily journal comix called Ten Thousand Things to Do by Jesse Reklaw, and it's very good. I've also been reading the first Yotsuba book, and it's cheerful and fun. Light but not too light.

Today we went to our favorite cafe--we hadn't been there in a long time. In the morning we went to the park where there are bullfrogs. Sometimes they made their sounds. And I saw a dead one, unfortunately. We saw fish in the water and watched them swim for a while.

I have been feeling a little unmotivated and directionless. Also, I've been feeling distrustful of people and unwilling to make myself vulnerable. It's not a good combination, and I hope to feel better tomorrow.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

turnip vs rutabaga

Turnips cost less than rutabagas at Whole Foods, so I wanted to research the difference, and I've been learning a lot. Well, I shouldn't be buying veggies at Whole Foods to begin with, but that's where we go to buy our water (we fill glass gallon jugs), so it's convenient.

An artist friend sent me some beautiful art the other day, and I put some up. I don't know how he would feel about me scanning some and putting it here for you to see--I should ask him.

Today through freecycle we got some unopened bottles of co op vitamins. It's kind of fun to get directions and drive to a new place. This person's house was in Carmichael, about 20 minutes away, and easy to find.

Last week at farmers market we bought a bunch of Thai basil, and today we used some in a pasta dish, like you might use regular basil--just spaghetti with garlic sauteed in olive oil and the basil added raw at the end. Very good. But I noticed that roots grew out of the bottom of the stems, same as what happened with my mint--I guess herbs are easy to propagate.

graham cracker quest

Erik took me to the co op and I bought some Health Valley graham crackers. They're small and taste different from the graham crackers of my youth--they seem drier. These are the ones made with amaranth flour--I also bought a box of the ones made with oat bran, so I will try those next.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Second Saturday

Today at the downtown library we ran into a friend. He's had a religious experience and seems changed. At first we were worried about him. But then I called him and we met him at the park and talked for a while, and we're less worried now. He's lost a lot of weight, but he says he's sleeping okay.

Then this evening we went to Second Saturday art walk, my first time. It's like a street fair, sort of, and all the galleries are open and people pour in. We saw some fantastic art--my favorite was a beach scene with tiny people. We ran into friends there too, two friends from my church. Erik's proud of me for braving the crowds. It's a Sacramento institution.

One of my favorite bands has a new album coming out on the 13th. It's called My Room in the Trees by Innocence Mission.

Friday, July 09, 2010

food etc

I got some Double Rainbow soy ice cream Cinnamon Caramel flavor. I like cinnamon but am not really crazy about it. I am crazy about caramel. I tried it, and I like it but will probably try something different next time.

Every day we work on the bedroom and go through a shelf of our bookshelves looking for things to part with. I've decided to let go of all my Amanda Cross mysteries. If I ever want to read them again, I can get them from a library.

I've been craving graham crackers, but they all have honey. Every single type of graham cracker at Whole Foods today has honey in it. I almost gave in and bought a box anyway. But I know there's a kind made by Health Valley made with amaranth flour that doesn't have honey, and I'm hoping there are some at the co op. Oh, they have rice bran and oat bran graham crackers too with no honey in them, the Health Valley website is telling me.

Erik's doing yoga and listening to Bach. I've got hibiscus rose hip tea. In an old book called Poems Children Will Sit Still For, I found a postcard depicting Keats' house. It's pretty.


Today I posted freecycle ads for a printer and a scanner, both with issues. Working together with strangers to agree upon pick up times is not easy.

Yesterday I baked sweet potato biscuits, and they turned out perfect. I wanted to try using olive oil for half the oil, but maybe next time.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Jury Finds Mehserle Guilty Of Involuntary Manslaughter


Yesterday we went to the river in Fair Oaks. Then we ate at Sunflower. There was a large rooster walking around, and we named him Big Buddy. Maybe one day I'll have a cell phone with a camera and can take pictures of everything. He was beautiful.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

daytrip to Berkeley, Kitty's feelings

Yesterday I wanted to go to Berkeley, so we did. We went to Indian food for lunch then Tara's for organic ice cream. I got Earl Gray and Strawberry Rose. Erik got Cardamom and Bay Laurel. I think my favorite of all four was Bay Laurel, but we loved all of them.

Then we went to Tilden Park and I wrote two letters to loved ones in my journal in green ink. Then we went to the pier and walked by the water. It was cold, and I'd made the mistake of wearing shorts. People were surfing with sails on their surfboards. I don't know what that's called.

Then we tried to go to Flaco's for the first time, which is vegan Mexican, but it was closed! So we went to Cha Ya for vegan Japanese instead. I got sushi. Erik got curry udon soup.

When we got home, we went to bed, and Kitty was sniffing my legs and ankles and feet. I felt his nose on my skin. Then he was rubbing his face on my toes. Then he bit me! He never bites, so I was so surprised. It didn't hurt, though. I guess it was just a nip.

At some time in the night I woke up to the sensation of Kitty's nose on my foot again. One of my feet had got out from under the blankets. I quickly moved it back under the blankets.

Frida Kahlo's birthday

Google's celebrating Frida's birthday today.


Sunday, July 04, 2010


Oh yeah, it's fourth of July. Happy fireworks day. You know I hate noise, so I just hope people get sleepy and quit real quick.

roasting root veggies, mung dal

Yesterday I roasted a rutabaga, some potatoes, and some carrots diced up in the oven with earth balance and salt. Turned out fantastic. Today I tried it again with fresh carrots from the farmers market. This time we added sauteed garlic and Thai basil, also from the farmers market. Turned out totally delicious.

Then for dinner we made mung dal. It turned out totally delicious too. We added a little ginger--it was subtle. In the past I've added extra water at the end, but it doesn't need that, and I'm glad I didn't do that this time.

envelope front

envelope back

Here's some gorgeous mail I got the other day, from Ruckus.

Saturday, July 03, 2010

mystery flower

This is a purple flower from Erik's hike yesterday at Feather Falls. Any idea what it's called?

lotus necklace

A week ago I was on Etsy and started looking at local merchants for no good reason and found a jewelry making person whose stuff I liked--I most liked a lotus pendant, or more small like a charm. So I bought it--I think it was $8. And it came in the mail, but I needed a silver chain (all I have is a gold chain from when I was wearing a Catholic saint medallion that my mom gave me). So I went to Kohl's this morning because I had a coupon in the mail for $10 off $20, and I thought it might be $25, so I could get a deal. Well, to make a long story short, it was only just more than $10 because silver was on sale, so I didn't get to use my coupon.

I don't like the way at Kohl's there are so many sales and coupons because it feels gimmicky. I wish they just offered everything at a fair price at all times. But that's not the way of the world.

Anyway, here is a link to the charm. Don't know how long this link will last.


the fall

I forgot to say that when we got home last night, I tripped and fell on the front steps. I'm fine, but it was a real surprise. I fell forward and broke my fall with my left hand, and I got a scratch on my left leg, so almost no damage at all. It's weird to be walking one minute and flat on the ground the next. A neighbor saw and asked me if I was all right. Again this morning he asked if I was feeling okay. Embarrassing!

my day in Oroville

Yesterday we went to Oroville so I could see my friend A and her kids. Erik took me to a certain park for us to meet. Then Erik hiked Feather Falls, which is the sixth highest waterfall in the US.

Meanwhile, A and the kids and I went to the river. The little one swam. The rest of us waded. We saw a crawdad and looked at beautiful rocks.

Then to dry off we went for a walk around the park. We stopped in the shade near the bathrooms. We read graffiti and ate blueberries.

Then the little one wanted to play in the sandbox. We sat in the sun more for a little while. I was wearing a hat and had put sunblock on my arms, which is uncharacteristic of me (but I didn't put sunblock on my chest, which burned).

Then we went to their house, and the kids showed me their toys. We played with Pokemon toys. I had been to their house before but never inside. I re-met the dogs, cats, and horses. I met the chickens and guinea fowl for the first time.

Then they wanted to walk two of the horses. But A asked me if I wanted to take one too. I declined. Truth be told, I'm afraid of horses, or I'm afraid of trying to control them. (She also offered to let me ride one, which I declined too.)

By then I was completely exhausted. I guess I don't have much endurance. While A and the older daughter walked two of the horses, the little one and I trailed far behind. I told her I wished I had a magic scooter, and she said she wanted one too. She'll be 5 in a week.

Then they took me back to the park so Erik could get me. I was afraid the park ranger person would be mad at us for being there so late. Last time we did this, the park ranger honked his horn at us while A and I hugged goodbye. This time there were plenty of other people there, and no ranger in sight.

So Erik and I drove home and got home late and ate sandwiches and went to sleep. The end!

Friday, July 02, 2010

The Imposter's Daughter, Alphabutt

Yesterday I read The Impostor's Daughter by Laurie Sandell. It made me read and read and not want to stop. It's a graphic memoir, so it went quickly. It's about a woman who grows up with a con artist dad. Don't know how I feel about it yet. Not ready to give it a star rating on goodreads yet.

Yesterday I saw my friend P. We talked and ate apples.

Also yesterday, Erik and I went to the library. I got a Dresden Dolls cd as well as Sonic Youth and Devendra Banhart. Oh, and yesterday we listened to Alphabutt. It seems very much for kids except for "happy home (keep on writing)" which I loved. Kimya Dawson is my new hero!